Rainier Beach's Outing to Vashon Island Kite Building

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Rainier Beach High School
Saturday, November 18, 2023
Trip Types:
Beach Walk, Other
9 AM: Meet at school, handout gear.
9:15 AM: Morning get to know activity.
9:30 Drive to Fauntleroy to make the 10:20 am ferry to Vashon Island.
10:50 AM: Drive to Pt. Robinson
11:15 AM: Decorating, assembling, and flying kites from a kit, playing on the beach, going for a walk, tide pooling, and eating lunch.
12:30: Lunch (?)
2:45 pm: Get back in the vans and drive to the ferry terminal to catch the 3:45 pm ferry back to Fauntleroy. From there we will drive back to Rainier Beach and have a closing activity.
Overall we had a great, pretty easy-going trip. We caught our 10:20 ferry and ended up going to Maury Island Marine Park because of the pavilion they have near the beach. When we got there we walked the ~0.75 miles down the gravel road, had a snack at the pavilion, and then decorated kites. It was VERY foggy and there was almost no wind. The tide was going out but was very high, so there wasn't much beach either. Regardless, the students enjoyed playing with their kites for a while, though not with much actual flying success. Everyone explored the beach on their own terms and we saw lots of jellyfish, including moon jellies and lion's mane jellies, both alive and dead. Those were definitely a hit. We headed back to the pavilion for lunch around 12:45 PM. After lunch we decided to head back to the vans and go to Point Robinson to see the Thomas Danbo troll sculpture and get a change of scene and perhaps some more wind. The hike back up the hill proved to be more strenuous (carrying lunch leftovers, especially) than many anticipated, so by the time we got to Point Robinson it was after 2 PM. The troll was a hit, and it seemed the students were beached (and hiked) out so we decided to aim for a slightly earlier ferry (2:45 or 3:10) and head to another Thomas Danbo troll in Lincoln Park back in West Seattle. However, the ferry system struck and several sailings were canceled due to unscheduled maintenance on one of the boats. We had to sit in the vans for about 30-45 minutes before getting on a sailing around 3:15. Our van played a game called "black magic" to pass the time and everyone was in good spirits. The ferry ride was longer than usual because of coordination with other ferries, so we got back to Fauntleroy around 4:20 and had to head straight to the school.
While everyone had a good time and we supplemented the day with our troll outing to Point Robinson, I would recommend having more structured back-up activities if the wind and tide conditions are not favorable to kite-flying.