Cleveland's Outing to Little Si

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, May 7, 2022
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We will be hiking to the top of Little Mt Si. We will drive to North Bend off of I-90. It 5 miles round trip with 1200 feet of elevation change. We'll then stop for ice cream at the Dairy Freeze in North Bend.
We had 17 students turn in permission slips for this trip, but only space for 15 in the vans. Saturday morning dawned cold, gray, and drizzly, but 12 brave students showed up at Cleveland HS for the trip! We did introductions, passed out gear and food, and then loaded up the vans for the ride to the trailhead.

We drove through some hard rain on the way to North Bend and the rain was coming down pretty hard as we gathered at the trailhead for a brief discussion of trail etiquette, but as we got moving, the rain tapered off. We had a mostly dry hike, and even an occasional glimpse of the sun!

The trail was busy and our larger group naturally divided into approximately three smaller groups based on speed. Malena and Roxana got the fast group up to the summit, Angie and Robbie managed the middle group, and Maria and Stacy helped keep the slowest group moving and motivated. Everyone reached the summit in time to enjoy a break, the views, and delicious lunches made by Roxana.

The weather held for our trip back down the trail. We stopped a few times to rest and regroup, to avoid anyone having to hang out in the parking lot at the end. There is a nice view point just 0.2 miles from the trailhead that we skipped on the way up, but were able to enjoy on the way down, both as a resting spot and as a place for the entire group to gather before descending the final stretch of trail and loading the vans.

We had promised a stop at Scott's Dairy Freeze in North Bend as a reward for the hike. Students and leaders alike enjoyed giant soft serve ice cream cones. Many participants also made use of their restroom - though we anticipated it being cleaner than the pit toilets at the trailhead, it really wasn't much better!!

After our cones were finished, we loaded into the vans for a final time and headed back to the school. We collected our gear, distributed extra food, and said goodbye to the students before heading home ourselves.

All in all, it was a great first trip after 2+ years of not being able to run trips!

Note: Per usual, there was some van drama. 3 minivans were rented, but ultimately we were given 1 mini-van and 1 12-passenger van. Vans had to be picked up the morning of and could not be dropped off until 8 am MONDAY morning, a significant imposition on our volunteers. Not sure there is really anything we can do about it, since we cannot afford to maintain our own little fleet of vans, but transportation continues to be a challenge for our trips.