Washington's Outing to Maury Island Marine Park on Vashon Island

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Washington Middle School
Saturday, February 8, 2020
Trip Types:
Beach Walk, Hiking
8:00-Pre-trip meeting
8:30-Meet at school, safety talk, distribute gear
9:00/9:15-Leave for Gold Creek
10:00- Arrive at Gold Creek. Get on snowshoes and snowshoe. Play with avalanche beacons and do scavenger hunt with them.
11:30- Turn around time to head back to the car.
12:30- Lunch & hot chocolate at the car.
1:00- Drive to at Hyak and go SLEDDING :)
3:00- Pack up vans, leave for WMS
4:00 -Arrive at WMS, do closing circle, get gear back, kids go home.
Because of bad weather at the pass, we went with our Plan B:

8:00-Pre-trip meeting at Starbucks
8:30-Met at school, safety talk, distributed gear (not as many kids showed up as anticipated)
9:00/9:15-Left for Ferry
9:30- Arrived at terminal
9:55- Took the Ferry to Vashon & drive to Maury Island Marine Park. Maps can be found here: https://www.kingcounty.gov/services/parks-recreation/parks/parks-and-natural-lands/natural-lands/maury-island-marine-park.aspx
11:00- Arrived at the park. Hiked down steep gravel road/trail to the waterfront. Beach comb. Did lunch at the picnic shelter by the beach. There is a huge hill right next to the picnic shelter with a bench on top that kids loved running up and down. Hiking back up to the car was definitely a slog, as it's a steep gravel road back to the cars (Luckily it's only 3/4 of a mile, so we all made it back!)
1:00- Drove back to ferry. Snacks in the van.
1:50- Took Ferry back to Fauntleroy. We arrived at Lincoln Park with the intention of playing on the playground. We were sad to see that the playground had been removed. Instead we played games in the park.
3:30- Pack up vans, left for WMS
4:00 -Arrive at WMS, did closing circle, get gear back, kids go home.
NOTE: There is no longer a playground at Lincoln park! We arrived to find it missing.