Showalter's Outing to Discovery Park

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Showalter Middle School
Saturday, February 8, 2020
Trip Types:
Hiking, Other
8:15 Leaders meet at Showalter for quick pre-trip meeting
8:30 Kids arrive at Showalter, introductions, distribute gear
9:30 Depart for Gold Creek, breakfast snack on way
10:30 Arrive at Gold Creek, snowshoe or hike to lake
12:00 Lunch break
12:30 Snow play and sledding
2:30 Arrive back at vans for hot cocoa, depart for Showalter, afternoon snack on way
4:00 Arrive back at Showalter, return gear, closing circle
4:30 Kids get picked up, leaders have post-trip meeting
Due to winter weather and unsafe road conditions at Snoqualmie Pass, we were unable to go to Gold Creek Pond as planned. The kids were pretty bummed, but we went to Discovery Park and ended up having a good time. We parked at the north parking lot and hiked following signs to the south beach, played and explored on the beach for a while (which was a lot of fun!) and then headed back to the parking lot on a different trail to make a loop. The trail we hiked back on was mostly flat but with one section with steep stairs, and all the kids were able to make it up the stairs and we celebrated them as they made it to the top! The weather mostly cooperated expect for a little bit of rain at the end.
Set some ground rules for the beach at the start of the trip. Are the kids allowed to put their feet in the water? Pick up and throw rocks? etc.