Cleveland's Outing to Gold Creek Snowshoeing

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Trip Types:
Snow Shoeing, Snow Sledding
8:30 am – Students arrive at Cleveland High School – breakfast, gear distribution, introductions, expectations, etc.
9:15 am – Load the vans! Leave for Hyak Sno-Park/Gold Creek
10:30 am - Arrive at Hyak Sno-Park/Gold Creek - Snow Shoe
12:00 pm - Lunch
12:45 pm - Snow shoe, sledding
2:45 pm - Closing Circle
3:00 pm - Return to vans, leave for Cleveland HS
4:15 pm - Return to school, collect gear, say goodbye
This trip was rescheduled from January 18th in hopes of better weather and the chance to actually get to the snow. We met at the school at 8:30 am and were lucky to find the doors unlocked. It was great to get to distribute gear, pack lunches, do intros, and cover expectations inside out of the rain and wind! We left the school shortly before 9:30 am with 20 students. Roads up to the pass were bare and wet and the snow level was a little higher, so parking at Gold Creek was pretty open. We strapped on snowshoes at the trail head and made our way to the pond. Once at the pond, we took a break for some snow play. Students broke into groups to sled, build fortifications for a snow ball fight, and just generally enjoy the scenery. Eventually, we gathered together to eat lunch and enjoy hot beverages. After lunch, we continued our snowshoeing around the backside of the pond and used the Gold Creek Trail to rejoin the road. We stopped for snow cones about 15 minutes from the trail head - always a big hit - and then made the final push back. It rained/slushed/hailed off and on all day, so it wasn't the most pleasant weather ever, but the majority of the students did not care. We got back to the school a little ahead of schedule and did a brief closing circle and expressions of gratitude before sorting gear and saying our goodbyes.