Rainier Beach's Outing to Kite Flying at Maury Island Marine Park

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Rainier Beach High School
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Trip Types:
Beach Walk, Other
9 AM: Meet at school, handout gear.
9:15 AM: Morning get to know activity.
9:30 Drive to Fauntleroy to make the 10:10 am ferry to Vashon Island.
10:30 AM: Drive to Pt. Robinson
11 AM: Decorating, assembling, and flying kites from a kit, playing on the beach, going for a walk, tide pooling, and eating lunch.
12:30: Lunch (?)
2:45 pm: Get back in the vans and drive to the ferry terminal to catch the 3:30 pm ferry back to Fauntleroy. From there we will drive back to Rainier Beach and have a closing activity.

*I would suggest bringing scissors, a hole punch, and extra tape to help in making and repairing the kites.*
Overall the trip went really well. We weren't sure if high school kids would be in to kite decorating and flying but they all had a great time. We went to Maury Island Marine Park, which has a great covered picnic area where everyone decorated their kites. The kites came from Amazon, "Joyibay DIY Kids Kite." They were made of a waterproof material, which was great. We used non-washable crayola markers to decorate them. We then spent about an hour flying the kites. It was not a windy day, but down right by the water there was just enough wind to get the kites into the air. The kids enjoyed learning to fly the kites and playing around with them. It was difficult to get them to pause for lunch! After lunch, we wandered up and down the beach some and played with the drift wood. There were several driftwood see-saws and we experimented with balancing kids and adults on either end using different distances from the fulcrum. We packed up and were back at the vans by 2:45 to catch the 3:30 ferry. We were back at the school by 4:30.
We took the 10:10 ferry from Fauntleroy - remember to ask your school rep to get a school note for discounted ferry passes!