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Showalter's Outing to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

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Showalter Middle School
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Trip Types:
Educational, Hiking, Other
7:45A = Leaders meet at Showalter for a quick pre-trip meeting and gear setup
8:00A = Kids arrive at Showalter; Introductions; Review plan of the day and expectations; Hand out gear (if needed)
8:45A = Depart Showalter
10:00A = Arrive at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park; Hike trails to see penned wildlife; Tram tour of free-roaming wildlife; Educational chats with park keepers
12:15P = Lunch at picnic area
1:00P = More wildlife viewing or play time in adventure playground
2:30P = Depart park
3:45P = Arrive at Showalter; Return gear; Closing circle
4:00P = Kids picked up
The Showalter team had a great outing to the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park! After doing introductions and handing out gear at the school, we drove 1-hour to the park, arriving at 9:45am. We began the day by doing a walking tour to see the cougar, wolverine, wolf, bears, beavers, otters, badgers, and raccoon. It was early and a bit chilly out so some of the animals were still hiding in their dens, but we got good views of the others. After a quick snack break at the picnic pavilion, we headed to the tram station for our 12:00 tour. The tram drove us through the park’s “free roaming area” for about 45 minutes where we saw deer, elk, bison, mountain goats, swans, and bighorn sheep… some quite close-up!
After lunch, we walked through the bird area and saw owls, eagles, and a turkey vulture. Then we checked out the discovery center which had some reptiles, amphibians, and cool educational exhibits. Finally, we let the kids (and adults) play in the awesome adventure playground for about 20 minutes before piling back in the vans and returning to school. During closing circle, the kids said they’re favorite parts of the day were the tram tour, playground, and pizza for lunch. :)
ICO outings can get the park's "school field trip" discount by having a teacher submit the online reservation and pre-pay the admission fee (according to the park rules). See https://www.nwtrek.org/visit/field-trips/ for more details. Teachers can be reimbursed after the trip using the same process as ICO leaders.