Tukwila's Outing to Wallace River Fish Hatchery

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Tukwila Elementary School
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Trip Type:
8-8:45am Meet @ All City Coffee
8:45-9am Leaders head to Tukwila
9-9:15am Students arrive Tukwila
9:00-9:30am Prepare to depart (gear, introductions)
9:30-11am Depart Tukwila, snacks, travel to Fish Hatchery (Gold Bar, WA)
11-12 - Tour Fish Hatchery
12-1 - Lunch, continue to explore fish hatchery
1:00-2:00 - Go to Sultan Osprey Park and play games
2-3pm Travel to Tukwila, circle up, collect gear, free the kids
3:00pm pick up kids (this is approximate and may vary with traffic)
We went to tour the Wallace Falls Fish Hatchery in Gold Bar. Overall, it was a great trip, the kids a a really fun time touching, looking at, and feeding the fish. Our tour guide hadn't given a tour in a while and it took her a minute and some prompting from the Leaders to give the kids an appropriate level of detail and avoid using too many technical words, but once we got into the swing of it the kids were really engaged. The tour took about 75 minutes, with lots of time at the end for feeding the salmon. Afterwards, we spent about 45 minute to an hour having lunch - there is a picnic table at the hatchery. Then, we went to Osprey Park and played Salmon, Bear, Mosquitos, and some other games, for about 90 minutes and headed back to the school around 2, arrived back at 3. Osprey Park seems really great, we just hung out on the field, but there are also some trails along the river that looked fun for a short hike.