Washington's Outing to UW WAC (originally Mercer Slough)

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Washington Middle School
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Trip Types:
Canoeing, Hiking
We will meet at WMS at 8:30 and depart at 9AM. UW Canoe rental opens at 10AM and is first come first serve. We will rent canoes, 1 leader per canoe and canoe through the Mercer Slough and canal. We will return the canoes within 2 hours depending on weather. We will break for lunch then hike the wetlands trail.
We met at WMS at 8AM with two vans. We had been told we'd have 9 students which the day before became 8 students. The morning of we had 4 students that didn't show. We were able to reach 2 of the 4 households which told us they wouldn't be coming. We decided to release two of the ICO leaders and return one of the vans which Enterprise gave us 50% off as a result of returning early thanks to Meira.

Ernie drove the remaining van with 4 students and 3 adults, Leslie and Matt Brewer (agency contact) to the UW WAC where we met John Philips. The WAC wasn't renting canoes until a crew race finished which took about 15 minutes about 10:15 AM. During that time John lead the group in canoe basics with a paddle along with safety.

Once we were able to rent our canoes we paddled into the arboretum where we saw about 60 turtles along with a beaver dam and various birds.

After two hours we returned to the docks. Note you cannot take the canoes into the cut per UW rules.

We ate lunch outside near the van and then drove to the arboretum for a hike. Very easy hike but that early in the season it was super muddy. The students loved all the pedestrian floating bridges.

We drove back to WMS about 3:30 arrival.
We had to change the location of our trip the week before from the Mercer Slough to the UW WAC because the Mercer Slough wasn't open until the following weekend.