Tukwila's Outing to Skyland Ranch Horseback Riding

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Tukwila Elementary School
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Trip Type:
Horseback Riding
8:30 Leaders meet at Tukwila Elementary prep gear
9 Students arrive, breakfast and gear
9:30 leave for Skyland ranch via 405 to 522 to 2 (1 hour)
10:30-11 safety with horses
11-12 ride group 1 lunch group 2
12-12:30 games
12:30-1:30 ride group 2 lunch group 1
1:30-2:30 games and thank you to the ranch. Clean up
2:30 Return to Tukwila Elementary via 2 to 522 to 405
3:30 sort gear, goodbyes
4:00 Parents pick students up
We started out from Tukwila on a beautiful sunny morning. Our teacher contact made sure that the waivers for Skyland ranch were signed by the parents who were dropping off their kids. Our gear was light for the day and we only needed water bottles and backpacks. Backpacks were really not necessary though. We left Tukwila elementary around 9:15 AM heading for Skyland Ranch. We made a brief pitstop at the store to get skewers to grill the hotdogs. We all got to Skyland Ranch around 11:00AM and met with Ariel, our contact at the ranch. We split everyone up into 2 groups because of our large group size and they had a limited number of horses. The first group got on their horses and set out around 11:30 and got back around 12:30. During that time the other group played ball and had lunch. The horse ride itself easily accommodates novice riders and the view of the river and mountains were quite stunning. The first group returned after and hour and dismounted. The 2nd group now had their turn to ride and once on their horses took off on their trip. The first group now had lunch and pet the horses as well as take pictures of the ranch. Everyone at the ranch was very helpful and friendly and the kids all had fun playing outside. We brought balls and some games for them to play. The 2nd group came back around 2:00PM and everyone took pictures and continued to play. We cleaned up and left the Ranch a little after 2:30 headed back to school. We got back to school a little after 4:00PM because of traffic. It was an amazing day and everyone had fun with the horses. I highly recommend using Skyland Ranch again.
Get the waivers from Skyland ranch early so that the teachers can have them signed beforehand along with our own waivers. Be sure to bring games and balls with you when you go to the ranch to help keep the kids entertained. Also don't forget to get skewers to help roast the hotdogs at the Ranch