Cleveland's Outing to Teneriffe Falls

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Trip Type:
Meet at the school at 8:30am to hand out gear and pack lunches.
Depart for the trail by 9:00am, arrive ~9:45.
Hold short intro circle at trailhead to review trail etiquette, do introductions.
Start hiking by 10:30am. The hike is 5.5 miles roundtrip, with moderate elevation.
Anticipate multiple short breaks during the hike. Arrive at the waterfall by 12:30. Lunch timing may need to be flexible, and we will need to look for space on the trail where we can all fit to rest and eat.
Turn around by 1:00pm to return to the vans.
Arrive back at the vans by 3:00pm and hold closing circle.
Depending on speed of the group, this schedule may leave enough spare time to stop at Snoqualmie Falls on our drive back to Seattle (educational opportunity to discuss hydroelectric power and compare the different types of waterfalls we have seen on this trip).
Depart trailhead or Snoqualmie Falls by 3:20pm.
Arrive at the school by 4:00pm.
We were hoping for 10 youth participants, but we ended up with a small yet determined group of 7 youth. It was a quick drive out to North Bend to get to the Teneriffe Falls trailhead. Lots of parking in the new paved lot and not too many people out on the trail. The weather was on and off between sun, rain, and hail, but this was a great hike for any weather. Trees provided a good amount of cover and there wasn't too much mud. Youth were all relatively strong hikers and finished faster than anticipated, leaving some spare time to check out the old trains in Snoqualmie and get ice cream before returning to the school by 4pm.