Madrona's Outing to Northwest Trek

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Madrona Elementary
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Trip Types:
Educational, Hiking
Go to NW Trek for the day
8:00am: Volunteers meet at Cupcake Royale
8:45am: Kids start showing up
9am: Leave Madrona, start driving towards NW Trek, snack in the car
10:30am: Arrive at NW Trek
10:30am - 3pm: Take the tram tour, have lunch, do the self-guided tour
2:30pm: Head back to Madrona
4:00pm: pickup
We left the school at almost exactly 9am and were parked and at the ticket booth at about 10:30am. The tram rides are every hour, 15 minutes after the hour. We were able to get tickets for the 12:15 pm, so we decided to do the self guided walking tour first. There were lots of animals to see!! Some of the animals were very active, others less so. We saw grizzlies playing, bobcat, lynx, cougar, otters, skunk, porcupine, beaver...the list goes on. We couldn’t quite do the whole self guided tour (I think we missed the birds) before we had to hustle over to the loading dock for the tram ride.

The tram ride was cool! It took about 45 minutes and we saw elk, buffalo, swans, moose, and deer. I think the kids really enjoyed it. :) After the tram ride, we had lunch. There was a nice open picnic area with plenty of tables. After lunch we had about an hour left, and there is a really cool play park with lots of neat nature-inspired structures. A few of students worked together to build a fort in the area with large sticks for building things. We played in the play park for the remainder of the time, and then packed up our things and headed back.

I think it was a great place to have a trip! Even though we did have to pay for tickets which cost a little more than our usual trips, the kids loved the animals and overall had a great time.