Cleveland's Outing to West Seattle--Alki Beach

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, May 21, 2005
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The plan is for a sea kayak trip along Alki Beach from the Seacrest Boathouse, along Alki Beach and to Alki lighthouse (and back). The trip will start at or near low tide on the 21st (about 10 AM) to hopefully increase our chance of finding interesting stars and other critters in the tidepools. If our younger paddlers are feeling tired, but the weather is nice, we'll just stop and turn around sooner.
It was a great paddle with a great group. The kids were all tired and happy (?) at the end of the day. We started at Secrest Boathouse on (NE Alki Beach), stopped for lunch near all the volleyball courts on the nice sandy beach, continued on to the Alki Lighthouse (NW Alki Beach) and then returned to the boathouse. We used Alki Kayak Tours for the boat rental and they were fantastic--and they have 4 doubles and 1 triple, so they have nice and safe accomodations for up to 11 kids.
Nothing too crazy, but we had one double kayak that had repeated trouble using the rudder properly and was pretty consistently headed in the wrong direction (pretty comical, actually). We got this sorted out at the lunch stop by swapping up paddlers. Not a big deal at all, but may have been avoided if we would've had a few more kids with paddling experience?