EYES's Outing to EYES Winter Weekend

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EYES Youth Leader Program
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Trip Types:
Other, Skiing- X-country, Snow Shoeing, Snow Sledding
We will stay 2 nights at the Washington Alpine Club cabin, using it as a base for youth leader training and snow-related activities.
This trip had two goals: to enhance youth leadership and increase bonding between participants. We went sledding and played in the snow. We went snowshoeing at night by moonlight. We learned new games for the youth leaders to use during outings with elementary school children. We held an abbreviated first aid training that focused on the first 3 steps in the conventional 7-step wilderness emergency response. We cooked and cleaned up together. The youth leaders also came up with activities of their own during their free time: making friendship bracelets and playing chess, Uno, and Spoons.
(1) Confiscating and securing all mobile devices enhances the social experience and reduces the continuous distraction from Snapchat and other apps. You can counter the usual rebuttals like "My parents need for me to check in" by designating a special time and limiting use to the specific purpose.
(2) Snoqualmie Nordic Center x-country ski rental requires a signed liability waiver. Since I am not a parent or legal guardian, I was unwilling to sign this form. If you want to rent x-country skis for ICO youth, obtain the rental forms ahead of time and have the parents sign.


6 youth leaders coming to the WAC cabin for a 2-night winter weekend.

Sat., Feb. 16, 2019

[EYES] EYES Winter Weekend