South Shore's Outing to Gold Creek Pond/Hyak Sno-Park

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, February 2, 2019
Trip Types:
Snow Shoeing, Snow Sledding
The team will meet up at South Shore at around 8:45 with the kids arriving by 9. We will get the kids geared up in winter clothes & leave the school by 9:30am. We will head up to Gold Creek sno-park & do a 45 min - 60 min snowshoe out to the lake, followed by lunch & hot cocoa. If time permits, we'll head over to Hyak for some sledding after the snowshoe.
We met at South Shore at 8:30am. The students were very excited to head out to the snow and as a group came up with three rules: stay on the trail, stay with the group, and listen to the adults. We all agreed to the rules and got in the 2 vans to head to Snoqualmie Pass.

We arrived at the Gold Creek Pond trailhead around 11:00am and got geared up. Snowshoeing to the pond took about 45 minutes. The snow was pretty well packed and the temps were above freezing, so the snowshoes were not completely necessary. About half the students opted to take off their snowshoes and carry them. We had lunch at the pond and took a group photo. It was a gorgeous sunny day! We headed back to the trailhead and got in the vans to cross the street to go to Hyak for sledding. Unfortunately, the line to get in was very long and it took 35-40 minutes. That only left 30 minutes to sled, but each student got to go down the hill at least twice. We all wished there was more time to sled, though. The group also enjoyed cocoa and cookies at Hyak.

We got back in the vans and headed back towards South Shore. One van opted to play "the silent game" all the way home (winner got the last cookie), while the other sang Disney songs. We got back to school right at 4pm and all students were picked up within 15 minutes. An excellent and safe time was had by all!


South Shore K-8 students enjoying the snow and sun on a snowshoe outing to Gold Creek Pond

Sat., Feb. 2, 2019

[South Shore] Gold Creek Pond/Hyak Sno-Park