South Shore's Outing to Bob's Corn Maze and Wallace River Hatchery

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, October 13, 2018
Trip Types:
Corn Maze, Educational
This trip will be similar to the Rainier Beach HS trip the week before. We will meet at school at 9am, do introductions, talk about the plan for the day. Then we'll drive to Bob's Farm in Snohomish for the maze. After the maze, depending on timing we'll have lunch at the farm, or drive to the fish hatchery first and have lunch there. THen we'll tour the fish hatchery, then head back to school.
9am: Met students at school, discussed the plan for the day. Gear included rain coats, fleeces, and boots, but it turned out to be a warm and dry day, so most gear went un-used.
9:30am: depart for the corn maze
10:30am: arrive at corn maze - was much busier than the week before and had to wait in longer lines
11:15am: begin corn maze (split into 2 teams)
12:00: finished corn maze (with some help from the adults to speed things up a bit).
12:30: leave for the fish hatchery, eat lunch in van
1:10: arrive at fish hatchery, begin tour. The kids got to hold a dead salmon, squeeze eggs out of it, and hold some fertilized eggs that were incubating
2:30: tour finished, still had some extra time, so we played some games in the lot at the hatchery
3:15: left the hatchery
4:30: returned to school

The kids loved both the corn maze and the fish hatchery. Both are great activities. Favorite quote from the day: [when shown a sunflower field]"Is that where sunflower seeds come from?!"