South Shore's Outing to Shine Tidelands State Park

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Trip Types:
Beach Walk, Fishing / Shellfishing
8:30 - meet at school; discuss plan for the day; hand out gear
9:15 - leave for Fauntleroy ferry terminal
10:10 sailing to Southworth
11:45 arrive at Shine Tidelands State park
11:45-12:15 - shellfish education
12:15-1 - lunch
1-3 dig for clams, play on the beach
3 or so - head to Kingston ferry terminal (20 min drive)
4:00 PM sailing to Edmonds --> home by 5:30
We had a great outing to the beach with perfect weather! The students enjoyed a pretty empty ferry ride to Kitsap Peninsula (we actually made an earlier ferry than planned). We stopped at a park along the way for a late morning snack break and some frisbee/playground play, then got back on the road and arrived at the beach around 11:45 AM. There was some free beach play time; the students were excited to find lots of small crabs and other critters. We had lunch around 12:30 and did a short lesson on bivalve biology and shellfishing rules and ethics. A couple students even tried some of the oysters they had harvested already (with help from the adults shucking). It was difficult to keep the students' attention, as they were itching to get back to the beach! The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach as the tide went further out. We had some students digging for clams, some digging lower down in the mud flats, some climbing and exploring trees, and some chilling up on the dry part of the beach. About 5 students took some clams home to eat - mainly manila clams, with some cockles and butter clams as well. We wet some paper towels to put over the clams for the van ride home, and let the students take their buckets home with them. A couple of students also had some adults shuck oysters for them (shells must stay on the beach) to take home in ziplocs.

We decided to take the Bainbridge ferry home in order to have a shorter drive on the Seattle side. The kids were pretty wild while waiting near the vans in the ferry line. The ferry was packed and running late so we arrived back to school about 30 minutes behind schedule.
The Fauntleroy ferry attendant had not encountered a school discount form before and was not sure how much to charge us. To complicate things, fare rates had been increased just a few days before. We ended up being overcharged because she mistakenly categorized both vans as being over 7' tall. In the future I will make sure to know what fare we should be paying ahead of time, because there was nothing we could do in the moment.