Cleveland's Outing to Skyline Lake

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Trip Types:
Snow Shoeing, Snow Sledding
Drive to Stevens Pass, snowshoe to Skyline Lake (3 mi, gain 1100 ft), and sled as time permits.
We met at the parking lot at 7:30 and it took about an hour to get the kids geared up and on the road. The trip to Stevens took about 2 hours and we stopped for a bathroom break in Woodinville. At the pass all the parking lots were full, but parking attendants let us park at Lot C when we told them we were a snowshoeing outing. There were two portapotties for kids to change in and we also used the vans for this purpose. We headed up the service road towards Skyline lake, leaving the parking lot around 11am. Our plan was to get up to some nice viewpoints, not necessarily the lake itself. Fairly early in the trip we had one kid who needed to stay at the cars due to a recent foot surgery, so he and two leaders hung out at the vans and in the lodge. The remaining 4 leaders spread out amongst the kids. The lead group continued until about 12:20 then turned around, scooping up slower groups until we all got together for a lunch break. We boiled water for hot chocolate, made snowcones, and ate lunch, then headed back down. Near the bottom, there is an open area under powerlines where the kids played, building snowforts and playing in the snow. We brought sled ups from the vans and used the service road as a sledding hill. We left the parking lot at 2:30, which was perfect timing to beat ski traffic on the way home. We stopped for a bathroom breaks and we were back at the school at 5:00pm