South Shore's Outing to Gold Creek Pond and Hyak Sno-Park

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Trip Types:
Snow Shoeing, Snow Sledding
8:00 meet at Beach Bakery for pre-trip meeting
8:30 meet at school, set up gear, greet kids, go over outing plan
9:30 leave for Gold Creek
10:30 arrive at Gold Creek; snowshow
12:30 lunch
1:15 head to Hyak for sledding
3:00 return to vans for hot cocoa; leave for South Shore
4:30 pickup
We had a great snow trip out to Gold Creek and Hyak! We were worried the pass conditions were getting dodgy, so we had a couple of contingency plans at exits 45 and 47 off of I-90. As the morning progressed the pass conditions improved and we ended up with a perfect day. Getting kids geared up took almost an hour, and we left the school at 9:30 AM. We parked near the trailhead around 11 (took a slightly longer route to avoid event traffic downtown). AFter getting everyone's snowshoes on it only took about 45 minutes to get to the pond, where we had lunch and extended unstructured playtime. We took a vote and the kids opted to head across the street for some sledding. It took us about an hour to get back, get loaded into the vans, and park at Hyak, at which point we had about 45 minutes for sledding. We met back at the vans around 3 for hot cocoa and Jake's homemade chocolate chip cookies. The kids were very happy. Made it home by 4:30 PM.