South Shore's Outing to Deception Pass State Park and Fort Casey State Park

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Trip Type:
Beach Walk
We will meet at South Shore at 9 am where we'll do introductions, discuss the plans for the day, and eat breakfast. We'll then load into the vans and head for Deception Pass (I5 to Hwy 20). We'll stop at the pass and take to walkways to looks at the pass. We'll head back to the vans and drive down to the parking near North Beach, and take a walk along the beach. We'll head back to parking where there are picnic tables and eat lunch. We'll then drive to Cranberry Lake and walk along the lake and back. We'll then head to Fort Casey State Part to explore the fort and climb the lighthouse. We will then head back to Seattle via the Mukilteo Ferry. We'll aim to get on the 3:35 ferry at the latest.
We met at the school at 9am, went through introductions and the plan for the day. We drove to Deception Pass State Park and parked on the south side of the big bridge. We got out of the vans and walked along the bridge to the middle island. We saw seals and bald eagles which the students loved. We returned to the vans and drove to the parking lot by West Beach and ate lunch at picnic table on the beach. We walked along the beach for about 45 minutes and then drove to Fort Casey State Park. We climbed the lighthouse and then explored the Fort buildings, which included some "creepy" rooms and chambers, which the students found exciting. We returned to the vans and drove to the Clinton ferry and just barely made the 3:35 ferry. We arrived back at the school at about 5pm.
Keep an eye on the ferry schedule!