South Shore's Outing to Point Robinson Park - Vashon Island

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, April 29, 2017
Trip Type:
Beach Walk
Meet at the school at 9 AM
Aim to catch the 10:10 AM ferry from Fauntleroy (25 minute drive from school); otherwise catch the 10:45 AM sailing. Drive to Point Robinson on Vashon (25 minutes from ferry landing). First half of time at the beach will be unstructured play time (I've heard there are log forts - cool!). Second half will be a low tide scavenger hunt (lower low is a minus tide and is just before 2 PM). Aim to catch the 3:50 PM or 4:10 ferry back to Fauntleroy (leave beach no later than 3:15 PM); be back at the schools by 5:15 PM.
Timing worked out perfectly on this trip and we had a great time! We met at the school at 9. After distributing gear, having a quick breakfast, playing a name game, and talking about the day, we were on the road in time to make the 10:10 ferry out of Fauntleroy. The kids loved the ferry ride - wish it were longer! On the way to Point Robinson, Ms. Coulter had the idea to make a pit stop in town and see the famed landmark, "bicycle in a tree." The kids thought it was pretty cool (and random). We arrived at Point Robinson around 11:10, had a quick huddle to talk about beach exploring rules, and headed down to the beach. We brought along some buckets, rakes, shovels, and gloves, which were all used for critter-collecting. The driftwood forts were also really fun to explore.

We had lunch around 12:15, then ran back to the beach because the tide was rapidly receding. The low was around 1:53 PM, and was a -2.5 feet, so we saw loads of cool stuff - cockles, anemones, sea stars, geoduck, eels, and of course loads of crabs. We walked as a disperse group south along the beach until a turn-around time of about 2:15 PM.

On the way back through town we stopped at the roastery and got hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) for everyone. A highlight of the trip was all of the kids sitting on the front porch of the roastery, drinking their hot chocolates and waving/yelling hi to all of the cars driving by. Many waved and/or honked in reply.

We caught the 3:30 PM ferry back and had time to squeeze in a little more play at Lincoln Park (also Ms. Coulter's idea). We piled back in the vans around 4:35 and were back at the school with a few minutes to spare. A packed trip!