South Shore's Outing to Hyak Snow Park/Gold Creek

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, January 21, 2017
Trip Type:
Snow Shoeing
8:15am. Leaders meet in Columbia City Bakery
8:45am. Meet at South Shore. Breakfast snack
9:15am. Be on road to Gold Creek
11:00am. Distribute Gear, Snowshoe Gold Creek to Lake, explore Gold Creek and Gold Creek Pond, Lunch, snow-build

1230p Back to Vans
130p Sled at hill
315p Leave for South Shore
445p Arrive at South Shore
5p Parents Pick-up
530p Return Vans
Ms. Coulter was great in recruiting students with short turn around. Initial Trip Leader Jason Hatch helped organize the trip and pull gear, but was unable to participate in the trip, sidelined with bad case of the flu. 2017 new leaders David Abate and Tess Brandon stepped up to make this trip possible.
David, Tess and teacher Emily Coulter met up at Columbia City Bakery at 810a to map out the day. We met the kids at South Shore at 845am. Initially we had 11 permission forms, but 8 kids actually showed up. We distributed gear (minus the snow shoes), divided up the group and got aboard the vans for the drive by 915a, arriving around 11am.

We did take both vans; the big one (mine) got stuck trying to turn around on the Gold Creek access road (whoops) and we had to get the help of three burly strangers to push her back into motion. I accidentally taught the kids the meaning of the phrase "dirty looks" as we were sitting there blocking both lanes of traffic....

We trekked to the Gold Greek Pond with the kids and had hot chocoloate by the pond.A few intrepid kiddos dug down underneath and made a pretty cool fort.

One boy went super hard on the way to the pond - lots of snowball throwing and running and tackling. On the return, he took off his snowshoes because they were hurting his feet and basically decided that he was at death's door and couldn't go any further (surprise!). He dropped his snowshoes and started trudging along and one other little boy just wordlessly picked them up and carried them for him. It was such a simple and nice thing to do.

We lunched after our return from Gold Creek pond. It turned out that Hyak Snow Park-sledding area was closed, so we got more snow play in at Gold Creek. A good day, lots of fun, plenty of tired kids.