South Shore's Outing to Whidbey Island - Ebey's Landing

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Trip Types:
Beach Walk, Hiking
We'll drive to Mukilteo and take the ferry to Whidbey Island, then head to Ebey's landing. We will do some hiking, beach walking, and games on the beach. If time allows, we'll go to Fort Casey and do some history lessons and play games.
From South Shore out to Whidbey was a long car ride, but it was fun for the kids to have the drive broken up by the ferry rides both ways. Once we arrived at Ebey's beach, the kids piled out of the vans an had a ball playing around on the beach. It was a good thing we brought boots and extra socks because many of the kids got their feet soaked in the waves. After having lunch down on the beach, we hiked up the near-by bluff, which was good exercise and offered some great views.