South Shore's Outing to UW Waterfront Activities Center

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South Shore K-8
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Trip Type:
7:30a Van pick-up
8:15a Leaders meet @ Columbia City Bakery
8:45am) Students arrive Showalter
9:00a) Prepare to depart (gear, introductions)
(9:15am) Depart school
(9:15-9:45) Travel to UW Waterfront Activities Center, morning snacks en route
10:00 WAC opens. Prepare for canoeing (get canoes, life jackets, visit restrooms, etc.).
10:30 Canoe lesson, and start canoeing in arboretum, stop for lunch and exploration on Foster Island, canoe back to UW
1:30 pm) Return canoes to UW, play near climbing wall if time, prepare for return trip (restrooms)
2:00 - Travel to Arboretum for short walk
3:00 - Return to South Shore
3:30 - Post-trip discussion, return gear, Kids picked up
We met at the school, did introductions, played the zip-zap-zoom name game which seemed to work well. Drove to UW, got to the WAC just as it opened, which was nice because there weren't many people there. We did a really quick lesson canoeing, and we should have done a slightly longer lesson. Canoed around the Arboretum; kids seemed to have a great time. Saw lots of birds and turtles. Ate lunch at a little park, not the most wild area because there were a lot of people and boats, but kids loved running around and playing tag. After canoeing we went to the arboretum and the kids payed ultimate frisbee.
One kid lost his glasses overboard. Into the muck. They were gone...