Cleveland's Outing to Wallace Falls State Park

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Cleveland STEM High School
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Trip Type:
Meet at Cleveland. Drive I-5, sr-520, 405N up to sr-522. Hit Rte. 2 and head east to Gold Bar. Turn north and drive to Wallace Falls State Park trailhead.

Hike approx. 2 miles to covered shelter for rest/lunch. Those who want to continue can hike the remaining 1.5 miles to the upper falls viewpoint before returning to the lunch site. Everyone hikes back the 2 miles to the trailhead as a group before we return to Cleveland.
Great intro and warm-up activity. Each person said their name, why they were there, and picked a stretch for everyone to do (only 15 secs or so). Got everyone involved early.

The hike was great because the covered shelter provided an excellent lunch spot and a shorter destination for those kids who couldn't go far (plus a decent view). Those participants in better shape were able to continue up to the other lookouts for better views.
Our ICO contact with the school has his own outing group at South Lake H.S. Five of his kids were on the trip as well (which is why we included so many ICO leaders).